About Us

About Us

Horoscope Guide has more of everything you want in an astrology magazine, starting with detailed hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly guides written by professional astrologers just for you. Each month our magazine has something special for everyone of every sign, along with features for the sign of the month, and unique columns and articles about astrology itself!

Monthly Features for All Signs

Love, Money, Health: Incisive observations and advice about how to use the planets to make decisions in these three key areas of life during the month ahead.
Starscope: An overview of the month for each sign, including important planetary aspects, a list of “power days,” and a suggested goal for the month. Added to this is special coverage during eclipse months, and at the beginning of each year.
Your Daily Hourly Guide: Six-pages of detailed guidance about daily aspects, a monthly planning calendar, and a comprehensive list of the best days to do everything from purchasing a car to looking for love!

Sign of the Month

The Year Ahead: Complete guidance for the special sign of the month. Includes everything from a calendar for the next 12 months, an action timetable, and monthly guidance that will get you through the year in great shape!
Crosswords and other puzzles devoted to your special sign.

Special Features

Tomorrow’s News: A look at the world for the month ahead.
Astrology for the New Age: A unique perspective on your personal planets.
Challenging reviews of books and websites about astrology.
The New Astrology: News and views on astrological research and current events.
Plus: Lucky numbers, An “Action Guide” to the month’s special aspects, and a lunar planting guide.

Horoscope Guide is published 12 times a year.

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