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Unlock Your Inner Perception

How Chiron in Aries can awaken you

The Day the Sun Stood Still

A Modern Answer to an Ancient Riddle

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This month, a minor planet by the name of Chiron moves into the sign of Aries, where it will remain for the next nine years. Named after a mythological Centaur, Chiron has a nature that many astrologers say makes it useful when we need to rise above limits imposed on us by others. Its interaction with the most assertive sign of the zodiac over the next few years should make it useful for those of us looking to find a new path in life. Turn to page 32 to find out just how Chiron in Aries can help you make the life changes you want.

On page 38 Mark David explores an ancient Biblical mystery that recent researchers in Israel claim to have solved. The mystery in question is that during a crucial battle, Joshua declared that both the Sun and the Moon would stand still until the Israelites triumphed over their enemies. Every student of the skies, from ancient astrologers to modern astronomers would tell us that this particular astronomical event is not possible. The answer proposed by these modern researchers involves archaeology, astronomy, and also tells us something about astrology. Explore the mystery with us.

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Ken Irving

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