Horoscope Guide August 2017


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Feature Stories

Jupiter, Pluto, and You

How to keep your eye on the big cosmic picture

Dark Fire in a Bright Sky

The promises and perils of August’s “Great American Eclipse”

Editor’s Message

Covering a month like August of 2017 almost requires a team of astrological journalists, as it begins with a bold contact between Jupiter and Pluto and then continues with a long-anticipated total solar eclipse that makes its own bold splash, painting a distinct path across the United States. As if that weren’t enough, both of these big events affect important birth charts in a way that can affect the nation as a whole, both in the short-term the and in the long-term.


The Jupiter-Pluto article can be found on page 32, and along with a thorough explanation of its effects on the nation and the world it includes a rundown of how it can affect each of us individually. The second article, on the eclipse (page 38), is mainly about its possible effects on the U.S. and its leaders, but advice about its personal impact can be found in this month’s “Starscope” on page 51, where Pat Strickland gives an “Eclipse Bulletin” for each sign.

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