Horoscope Guide August 2021


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Feature Stories

A Band of Three Brothers

An astrological tale of fame and fidelity

Your True Love Nature

Tips to help that key relationship thrive and survive

Editor’s Message

Even though it’s been almost two decades since the three brothers known as the Bee Gees last performed together. With only one brother remaining and a new cable documentary telling their story, it seems like a good time for a look at the role astrology played in their lives. In “A Band of Three Brothers, on page 32, you can learn about the differences it made in keeping them together and sometimes rending them apart as they rode the roller-coaster called fame and fortune.

“Your Love Nature,” on page 38, tells a more basic story, one that will interest just about everyone who is either looking for a new relationship or dealing with a rough spot in an existing one. There is no magic answer about how to make a breakthrough in either case, but this article will at least give you some clues on how to get where you want to go in your love life.

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Ken Irving

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