Horoscope Guide December 2017


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Feature Stories

Your Path to Achievement

The message of Saturn in Capricorn

The Astrology of a Losing Winner

Can the planets bring failure as well as success?

Editor’s Message

Saturn is an interesting planet, as astrologers tend to give it a good grade for being a guiding hand and a teacher while simultaneously giving it a not-so-good grade for encouraging people to be narrow-minded and blocking them from doing the things they want to do. All such judgments come to the fore to clash with each other this month, as Saturn moves into its own sign, Capricorn. This article by Elizabeth Summers on page 32 manages to find a good middle ground in regard to both planet and sign, by pointing out how this combination can help lift us up and urge us to do better.

Aaron Phillips’ piece on the astrology of a “losing winner” on page 38 is a tale of the meteoric rise to fame of a famous sports figure, followed by a sudden and humbling fall from grace. The planets, of course, don’t make us famous all by themselves, nor do they force us to make bad judgments, but they do play their role. As to what happened in this case…well, read the article to find out.

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