Horoscope Guide December 2019


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Feature Stories

Santa and the Penny-Pincher

Jupiter brings its special gifts to Capricorn

How Astrology Inspires our Special Holidays

The cosmic symbolism behind our celebrations

Editor’s Message

Right up front I want to remind readers not to miss Pat Strickland’s special addition to this month’s column: a 2020 preview for each sign. Your next read should be about Jupiter in Capricorn, on page 32, as Angela Rios’ contribution isn’t just a simple Jupiter-is-this and Capricorn-is-that rendering of a sign change. Instead it goes into depth and detail that allows you to do a little predicting on your own by looking at how past Jupiter-Capricorn transits have affected you.

“How Astrology Inspires our Special Holidays,” found on page 38, asks us to consider whether the time of year of a particular holiday can change its nature in unexpected ways. Take a look and consider how you might answer that question.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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