Horoscope Guide December 2022


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Feature Stories

The Winter Solstice and You

Challenge, Change, and Cheer

Together Forever…or Not?

Astrology, Friendship, and love

Editor’s Message

This month there is nowhere left to go but up—speaking of the Sun of course, as late in the month it hits its lowest point in the sky, marking the official start of winter. Yes, it will be colder, but we can anticipate warmer days to come.

Another thing we have to look forward to is the fact that a parade of sometimes difficult aspects and eclipses over the last year are over and done with, leaving us with better times to come over the next year. You’ll find the details on that in “The Winter Solstice and You” on page 32. Following that is a very interesting look at something that everyone will be interested in: how the astrological connections between two people’s birth charts can work to bring them together, whether as lovers, spouses, or just good friends.

If you’re a regular reader, we are ever and always grateful to you! Here for the first time? Take a look around in one of the most reader-friendly astrology magazines you will find anywhere: Horoscope Guide. No matter whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth, enjoy the read, and in the meantime stay safe and be well!

Ken Irving

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