Horoscope Guide December 2021


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Astrology and Your Children

Simple steps to understanding their thoughts, needs and talents

Jupiter’s Crazy Year Ahead

From Pisces to Aries, and back again

Editor’s Message

We face this issue with the hope that everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying holiday events with friends and family. In a year uplifted by hope for fewer health dangers as vaccines arrived to blunt the dangers of the pandemic, yet at the same time scarred by summer fires, this is a time of year when we need each other more than ever.

A visit from Jupiter to a friendly sign is certainly welcome, given its well-known upbeat nature, but this tine around there’s a twist, as after its entry into Pisces late in December it spends the rest of the year journeying forward through that sign before moving into Aries, but then, changing its mind it heads back to Pisces again. You can learn how to get the best out of Jupiter’s year on the cosmic roller-coaster on page 38.

Another bit of joy for the season comes from our lead article on page 32, which offers some advice on how to understand your children. Parenthood is worth the time and care it takes, so learning some of the things you might not know about your kids is definitely an advantage.

If you’re a regular reader, thanks so much! Not a regular? Take a look around in the best and most reader-friendly astrology magazine in the world: Horoscope Guide. No matter whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, enjoy the read, and above all stay safe and be well!

Ken Irving

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