Horoscope Guide February 2020


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Your Horoscope’s Dynamic Energy Points

How to spot them, how to use them

Understanding Mercury is “elemental”

A lesson from this year’s retrogrades

Editor’s Message

Poor little Mercury is everyone’s favorite whipping boy it seems. Like every planet, he does occasional retrogrades, but no one seems to get all that concerned about whether the planets from Venus all the way out to Pluto are going forward, backward, or standing in place (i.e., stationing). But when Mercury makes such changes, suddenly everyone piles on. For that reason we decided to give Mercury a break in our yearly review of his retrograde by focusing on how and why one retrograde differs from another in ‟Understanding Mercury is Elemental.”

‟Your Horoscope’s Dynamic Energy Points” gives you a thorough explanation of the absolutely necessary astrological tool that makes a static horoscope come alive. We’ll leave what that tool might be as a mystery, but you can solve it quickly by taking a quick peek at the article that begins on page 32.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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