Horoscope Guide February 2021


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The Cosmic Cleanup Crew

Saturn’s yearlong clash with Uranus

The Magic of Planetary Days

Seven Chances for success, love, and laughter

Editor’s Message

In astrological terms, this is a big month, as we have the first of three squares of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. This aspect occurs about every 22 years, with each visit repeating either three or five times. The title of the article on page 32 dubs this pair ‟the cosmic cleanup crew,” which is quite appropriate, as Saturn squaring Uranus tends to shake the deadwood and dust bunnies out of every area of our lives. It is not always easy to deal with, but people tend to find themselves the better for the experience after these two planets move on to other things.

On the lighter side, ‟The Magic of Planetary Days” speculates about the relationship between the planets and the days of the week. The system of using a seven-day week and naming each day after the Sun, Moon, and one of the five planets visible to the naked eye goes back a long way and has been adopted in many places around the world. The writer asks whether this means the days affect us astrologically and then suggests a way that you can answer that question for yourself.

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Ken Irving

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