Horoscope Guide January 2020


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Forward to a Shining Future!

The planets’ bright promise for the year 2020

The Three Loves of Queen Victoria

A story of affection, jealousy, and mystery

Editor’s Message

In varying degrees each of us may be excited, nervous, fearful, or joyful wondering what 2020 will bring. All the answers to our questions can be found in our lead article “Forward to a Shining Future” on page 32. Now is the time to make your plans for the year to come!

Until four year’s ago, Victoria’s 63 years, 216 days as Queen was the longest, but though she has now been eclipsed in that respect by Queen Elizabeth, she is still the center figure in many books, movies, and docudramas about her reign. On page 38, “The Three Loves of Queen Victoria” gives us the astrological details of the real-life story of her husband Prince Albert, and two men who became her close (and often controversial) companions after the Prince’s untimely death.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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