Horoscope Guide January 2022


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Feature Stories

The Fascinating and Exciting Year Ahead

The planets, the world, and you in 2022

Astrology’s Hidden Persuaders

The powers and the passions of fixed stars

Editor’s Message

As the new year begins, on the heels of the first day of winter, we hope that holiday celebrations are going well, everyone is in good health, and the weather is to your liking—just enough snow, just enough sunshine, and no rain.

Our annual look at the year as a whole is our lead article in this issue, giving you a look at every season and every month from January to December, with attention both to individuals, the nation, and the world as a whole. This article is an important read, as we face a year of real change in 2022. Combinations of planets that guided us through the last couple of years are finally beginning to separate, and new ones are forming, making this year “new” in more ways than one.

Astrology is of course mostly based on planets, but the stars that we see in the sky each night are used in astrology as well. The article on page 38 will introduce you to a unique point of view about those stars and how they work, so do check it out.

If you’re a regular reader, thanks so much! Not a regular? Take a look around in the best and most reader-friendly astrology magazine in the world: Horoscope Guide. No matter whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, enjoy the read, and above all stay safe and be well!

Ken Irving

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