Horoscope Guide July 2022


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Feature Stories

Your Emotional Barometer

How to guide your feelings by the moon

Baubles, Bangles, and Bright Shiny Stars

The astrological extras that perk up your horoscope

Editor’s Message

In these days when the world is beginning to seem a little crazy, it is nice to turn off the news once in a while and check out what the Sun, Moon, and planets are doing, so welcome to a nice little magazine where you can do just that.

In our two feature articles this month, “Your Emotional Barometer,” on page 32 uses events from the lives of two famous people to illustrate how a monthly lunar cycle can show the matters in your life that will most affect your emotions over the next month. Mentioned in the article are several places on the Internet where you can check this out for yourself, based on your own birth information.

“Baubles, Bangles, and Bright Shiny Stars” on page 38 is a highly entertaining look at extra features in almost every person’s horoscope that add a bit of flare and make that person unique. The author compares them to the kind of accessories you might add to a new outfit to make you stand out from the crowd. Time for a closer look at your own birth chart, on your own or with an astrologer friend!

If you’re a regular reader, thanks so much! Here for the first time? Take a look around in the best and most reader-friendly astrology magazine in the world: Horoscope Guide. No matter whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, enjoy the read, and above all stay safe and be well!

Ken Irving

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