Horoscope Guide June 2019


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Romantic Secrets

Unlock the hidden message of your “love code”

Drives, Desires, and Dreams

What the “Stars of Summer” foretell

Editor’s Message

Summer arrives at midday Eastern Time on June 21, and no one reading this needs an explanation of how to enjoy the season (weather permitting, of course). But a chart for the exact time the Sun enters Cancer on that day can tell us a great deal about the three months to follow, things the weatherman knows nothing about. When it’s time to head out on a summer vacation, the explanation of this chart in the article on page 32 is at least as important as the GPS and the weather report on your smart phone.

At least as important as summer fun—well, actually more important than that—is your romantic life. There are many complicated things to consider when searching for someone to have and to hold, but the “love code” article on page will explain a useful way to understand the astrological basics of how to find someone who is a good fit to your love nature.

Other bright spots in this issue: Jackie Slevin’s “Love, Money, Health Forecast,” and “Daily Guides,” Pat Strickland’s “Starscope,” Tim Lyon’s “Astrology for the New Age,” and our popular “Daily Hourly Guide.”

PS: All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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