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Superstars of the Cosmos

Jupiter, Pluto, the World, and You

The Summer Eclipses

How to Tame their Powerful Energy

Editor’s Message

June is a month of two major happenings, and we have the news about them right here. First, this is an eclipse month, so we have that covered in “The Summer Eclipses” on page 38. This gives us a complete perspective on what the lunar eclipse on the 5th and the solar eclipse on the 21st will mean to the world, to the U.S., and to each of us as well. As an added bonus, go to our regular feature Starscope for Today’s Living, on page 51 to read Pat Strickland’s take on these two events and you will find a special “Eclipse Bulletin” for your sign.

The second big event in June is the coming together of Jupiter and Pluto in a conjunction for the second time this year, on June 30. These two planets are often harbingers of change of the sort that only happens once in a lifetime, so observing what happens after the second pass of an aspect like this can give us a clue to what the final outcome of these changes might be. Check this out on page 32. And yes, there is something in there for your sign as well.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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