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Good Vibes and Good News

The promise of this year’s Spring Equinox

Monster Storms: The “New Normal”?

Astrology answers the question

Editor’s Message

Spring is always a time to start over. As the weather warms up and the winds of March soften, everything about the way we look at both the world and our lives seems to warm up as well. For that reason alone, this is a good time of year to examine the astrological picture that greets us as spring in the Northern Hemisphere returns to us once more. That is exactly what Elizabeth Summers does for us on page 32 in “Good Vibes and Good News.”

On a more serious note, on page 38 Lynn Paulus reminds us of the grim times that Southern states and Caribbean islands suffered during the last hurricane season. Given the fact that some climate scientists are saying that these “monster storms” are the future more than the past, is there a way for astrologers to offer some insight to this? Only time, and perhaps the observations in Lynn’s article, may tell.

As always, everyone here appreciates your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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