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The “Love You, Hate You” Dilemma

The Astrology of a Shaky Quaky Marriage

The Return of Wisdom and Self-Reliance

Saturn visits Aquarius this month

Editor’s Message

Some of the world’s best songwriters have given us quite a few love songs with lines in them like ‟I may not always love you,” or ‟Sometimes I never want to see you again,” and anyone who has ever had a long-term relationship knows exactly what those lines mean. Two people together don’t always get along, even when they love each other. But what about those who seem to have a powerful bond, yet can’t make it work? One good example of a couple that had this problem, along with the astrology to explain it, can be found in the interesting and educational read that begins on page 32 this month.

If you’ve checked your astrological calendar recently, you may have noticed that our good friend Saturn is due to move into Aquarius this month. As often happens with a slow-moving outer planet, it will backtrack into Capricorn briefly later this year, but it will get itself together and then move back into Aquarius, where it will stay until March of 2023. For some hints on what might happen in the world during that time, along with tips on what might happen with your sign, turn to page 38.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks very much for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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