Horoscope Guide November 2021


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Love Lingers Longer

What to expect from Venus’s four-month stay in Capricorn

All the Bright Lights in the Sky

Astrology’s asteroids…and their many, many friends

Editor’s Message

As the holiday season begins this year, households around the country and around the world face the happy prospect of real celebrations in which all of us can travel, visit, and sit down at a dinner table together with close family, relatives, and friends once more. That time is months away as we finish this issue, but we look forward to it.

One interesting feature of the month ahead is the beginning of a long-term visit from Venus to the sign of Capricorn, a planet-sign combination that some might think would hold us back in the love department. That is not likely to be a problem, however, as while the way Venus expresses itself in this Saturnian sign might be different from now until until early March, it will be neither better nor worse. Check out “Love Lingers Longer” on page 32 to see why.

Last month we took a look at Chiron, and this month, in “All the Bright Lights in the Sky” we expand that look by considering some of its fellow travelers, such as the asteroids that many astrologers add to their charts along with the Sun, Moon, and planets.

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Ken Irving

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