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Power Up Your Life!

The bright promise of Jupiter in Scorpio

Your “Happy Birthday” Chart

The key to planning your year ahead

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Jupiter and Scorpio might seem to be an odd mix, since astrologers often depict the first as a happy-go-lucky planet with a golden touch that enhances our lives through luck, good fortune, and a generally positive attitude. Scorpio, on the other hand, is supposedly a sign of dark suspicions and hidden motives. Since neither of these common depictions is exactly accurate (in the neighborhood maybe, but not necessarily at the right address), what we can expect from them in the year to follow might be surprising. The answer to the Jupiter-Scorpio conundrum can be found in our article “Power Up Your Life!” on page 32 of this issue.


There are all kinds of different ways to take a look at the year ahead, but one of the most personal (and, some say, most precise) is a special chart drawn for the moment each year when the Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born. We have covered this type of chart before, but “Your ‘Happy Birthday’ Chart” on page 38 takes a new and different view of what this chart means and how to use it. Check it out.

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