Horoscope Guide October 2018


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Venus, Your Love, Your Money

Big changes as the “planet of desire” goes retrograde

How the Moon Maps Your Life

A simple way to take a quick look ahead

Editor’s Message

Venus goes retrograde this month, as it does from time to time, of course, so our lead article on page 32, “Venus, Your Love, Your Money” gives you the details of how to handle that planet’s two very different sides. Some people think that retrograde periods are purely negative, but that’s not true, as our writer even gives you hints about how to prosper as Venus moves backward.

Our second article, beginning on page 38, will be interesting to readers who are students of astrology, as it is about what astrologers call “progressions,” a way of making a quick assessment of the path a person’s life is likely to take over many years in the future. We feel that the writer does a good job of explaining this technique, and as a bonus the article includes the chart of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and a table showing her progressions from birth up to age 47 (which is all we could fit on one page). If you study this table and compare it with key events in this very public life, both now and in the future, you can become very well versed in this useful technique.

All of us here appreciate your interest in Horoscope Guide, so thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome any time!

Ken Irving

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