Horoscope Guide October 2021


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Feature Stories

The Three Keys to Career Success

Using astrology to find the right job

Chiron to the Rescue

The “assertive healer” tames October’s unruly planets

Editor’s Message

In a more relaxed time compared to a few months ago, we have one straightforward article with some career advice, and an article about Chiron that has a little more spin on it. The career article, “The Three Keys to Career Success,” is useful for anyone thinking about getting a job, especially if they are already employed but feeling that they are not doing what they really want to do. There are no easy solutions to such dilemmas, but we hope this one will at least help you organize your thoughts about what steps to take.

Our piece about Chiron covers an interesting situation this month in which the normally gentle planetoid (yes, that’s what it is) has to stare down some tough transits. Along with that, there is some advice about what to expect from it over the next few years. Chiron is, after all, in Aries right now, and is there for the long haul.

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