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You Don’t Need to Be Lonely

The Cosmic Guide to Winning New Friends

Two Simple Steps to Better Living

The Astrology of “Finding Your Spot”

Editor’s Message

Some people seem to spend all of their time surrounded by friends while others go through life having few companions. However, even people we think of as “loners” still need a friendly face and a pat on the back from time to time. Some people are just better than others at finding friends and keeping them, so how can we learn the secret of bringing new friends into our own lives? Some very good answers to this dilemma can be found in “You Don’t Need to Be Lonely” on page 32.

Another vexing problem we all have to face is how to find just the right place to live. The astrological solution to this problem is explained in “Two Simple Steps to Better Living” on page 38. First we need to focus on the type of physical environment that suits us best, and then we must consider the type of neighborhood where we will be most comfortable. The details of this quest are up to us to fill in, of course, but this article will certainly help.

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