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Feature Stories

The Planet of Untold Possibilities

Tapping the beguiling creative energy of Neptune

The Many Sides of Mercury

Trickster, talker, thinker…and retrograde this month

Editor’s Message

Just a quick word about the pandemic, a seven-letter word called “freedom.” As a good deal of lead time is required to get this magazine available in a punctual fashion, readers live in a world that writers, editors, and publishers only see “through a glass, darkly.” Within the last couple of weeks in the spring, where we are, suddenly there is talk about bringing down the walls of our COVID-19 isolation by the start of July, so we hope you are reading this on a sunny beach, in a park, or in a nice restaurant, and surrounded by others!

This month our lead articles deal with a side of Neptune that is perhaps less thought of by most people than the standard keyword lists filled with “fog, confusion, and delusion.” How about “creativity” as a starter for a much better list, something seen in the writers, musicians, and artists featured in “The Planet of Untold Possibilities” on page 32?

In fact, while we’re at it, how about something nice about Mercury retrograde for a change? Yes, its retrogrades can be vexing at times, but there’s no need to go into hiding when they happen, so “The Many Sides of Mercury” on page 38 is meant to restore a little balance to the description of that planet as well.

If you’re a regular reader, welcome back! Not a regular reader? If so, come on in and take a look around the best and most reader-friendly astrology magazine in the world: Horoscope Guide. Check out some of our regular features such as Starscope, Tomorrow’s News, and the Hourly Guide, and consider the benefits of signing up for a subscription. No matter whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, enjoy the read, and above all stay safe and be healthy!

Ken Irving

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