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The Signs

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You have many questions about yourself, as we all do, but what are the answers? You know that you have your own special needs, your personal goals, and those inner desires you share with only a few, but how can you discover the important details about these things that will tell you the most about you and your personality? The simplest way to do this is to understand the basics of your Sun sign.

Knowing your Sun sign can help you to learn all the most intimate details about the most fascinating person you know, namely yourself! In this and other magazines you can find various Sun-sign forecasts for the month or year ahead, but you may not have any real idea of the personality characteristics underlying these forecasts. After all, if a forecast says that in the year ahead you will have chances to take risks that could bring either great rewards or money troubles in their wake, the result of this may be quite different for signs that are careful about such things, as opposed to those inclined to act first and think later.

Of course, there’s another advantage to having the basic information on the signs. If you happen to hook up with the cute guy or gal who works out next to you on the treadmill at your local gym, and you find out that he or she was born in early June, you can find out about the needs, goals, and desires of this new Gemini in your life by reading up on that sign.

To discover all the ins and outs of your Sun sign or the zodiac signs of your nearest and dearest, check out your sign above.

Adapted from “Your Needs, Goals, and Desires, and the Simple Key that Unlocks Them All” by Ted Comstock – January 2010 Horoscope Guide