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Keywords: Inventive, independent, tolerant, eclectic, rebel

Symbol: The Waterbearer

Born Under This Sign:

Ellen DeGeneres January 26, 1958
Lewis Carroll January 27, 1832
Oprah Winfrey January 29, 1954
Jackie Robinson January 31, 1919
Rosa Parks February 4, 1913
Babe Ruth February 6, 1985
Garth Brooks February 7, 1962
Charles Dickens February 7, 1812
Thomas Edison February 11, 1847
Charles Darwin February 12, 1809
Michael Jordan February 17, 1963
Toni Morrison February 18, 1931

The intellectual Air element of your Sun sign means you possess an inventive ability to resolve the often confusing dilemmas you encounter along your life journey. It may take you a bit of time to figure out your life’s mission, but once you do, you are on your way, and you will rarely deviate from your course of action, thanks to your sign’s Fixed quality. Your need for independence is first and foremost in your life, so you will never be happy if you are tied down to a routine job, a mundane relationship, or an otherwise dull existence. You dance to a rhythm that is off-beat, eclectic, and personal to you and your inner nature, and you don’t mind being thought of as a rebel or an outsider to society’s norms. You take pride in the fact that you color outside the lines! Given your own, well, quirkiness, you have a great tolerance for others and their foibles. However, you can be a bit cool and distant in your interactions with others, almost to the point of being impersonal. You are not the jealous type, and you can find it hard to understand why someone who claims to care for you would put restrictions on your time, activities, or interactions with others. Your best bet for a relatively happy love life is to find someone who matches your need for personal space, and who is able to be a friend and companion to you, as well as a lover.