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Keywords: Impulsive, leader, strong desires, pioneer, adventurous

Symbol: The Ram

Born Under This Sign:

Aretha Franklin March 25, 1942
Elton John March 25, 1947
Robert Frost March 26, 1874
Lady Gaga March 28, 1986
Vincent van Gogh March 30, 1853
Al Gore March 31, 1948
Alec Baldwin April 3, 1958
Maya Angelou April 4, 1928
David Letterman April 12, 1947
Leonardo da Vinci April 15, 1452
Charlie Chaplin April 16, 1889
Jay Leno April 18, 1950

If you were born under the zodiac sign of the forceful Ram, then you are one headstrong and impulsive character! Your favorite color is likely to be red, or some equally vibrant and fiery color. The thing you like least is to have to stay in one place, and in fact you probably began toddling off in all directions — and without Mom’s permission — as soon as you could walk. Your sign is of the Fire element and the Cardinal quality, which means that your desires are strong, and you generally act first and only consider thinking about it later! You are extremely resourceful and you love new adventures, so if you find yourself stuck in a boring place where you’ve never been before, you are more than capable of turning your stay into a fabulous new learning experience. You love to initiate new projects, and you thrive so much on running your own life that you may run your own company as well. In fact, you should try at least one business venture on your own in your lifetime, since your get-up-and-go Cardinal quality almost demands that you push yourself to be all that you can be. You do tend to love the chase more than the actual capture when it comes to your romantic life. Of course, once true love actually hits, you are capable of the deepest devotion to your chosen love. But any time you’re unattached, watch out! You could even be playing the field when you are still in your 90s!