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Keywords: Charming, diplomatic, alluring, generous, indecisive

Symbol: The Scales

Born Under This Sign:

Bruce Springsteen September 23, 1949
F. Scott Fitzgerald September 24, 1896
Will Smith September 25, 1968
George Gershwin September 26, 1898
Serena Williams September 26, 1981
Gwyneth Paltrow September 27, 1972
Liev Schreiber October 4, 1967
Matt Damon October 8, 1970
Hugh Jackman October 12, 1968
Martina Navratilova October 17, 1956
Alfred Nobel October 21, 1833
Kim Kardashian October 21, 1980

Indecisiveness is often your most obvious trait, lovely Libra, and what else could it possibly be, when you consider that your sign is of the Air element and the Cardinal quality. You tend to weigh the pros and cons of every issue in your life, from your career choice to the color and cut of the outfit you should wear today! And when it comes to love, you often find it difficult to settle on a romantic partner. Speaking of romance, despite your indecisiveness no one can court a lover as well as you can. You instinctively know the right way to manage your love affairs, and you don’t neglect the niceties when you are escorting your beloved around town. You have a lot of charm and allure, and you are usually inundated with admirers, so between that and your shifting opinions, it can be very difficult for you to choose one person among the many contenders for your attention! When your attention is focused on work and career, you have a tremendous desire to succeed in your professional arena, thanks to your Cardinal quality. You want to be the best at what you do, and you enjoy winning awards and coming in first in every task you set your mind to. Of course, you are so charming and diplomatic that you don’t make a big deal out of it while you are climbing up the ladder of success, or winning first prize in a tournament at your local tennis club. For you, winning just seems natural, and you even handle second place with grace.