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Keywords: Intuitive, intense, sympathetic, devoted, powerful

Symbol: The Scorpion

Born Under This Sign:

Pele October 23, 1940
Ryan Reynolds October 23, 1976
Pablo Picasso October 25, 1881
Katy Perry October 25, 1984
Theodore Roosevelt October 27, 1858
Bill Gates October 28, 1955
John Adams October 30, 1735
Daniel Boone November 2, 1734
Emma Stone November 6, 1988
Marie Curie November 7, 1867
Leonard DiCaprio November 11, 1974
Martin Scorsese November 17, 1942

Intuition and insight are your favorite companions as you navigate the often tricky life path you walk on, Scorpio. You are a very emotionally intense soul, thanks to your sign’s Water element, and you don’t often change your mind, courtesy of Scorpio’s Fixed quality. Put these traits together, and you can see how people of your sign tend to have a reputation as ruthless adversaries, and as people who should not be trifled with, whether in personal or professional life. Despite the fact that you can carry a grudge, and that you can love with a red-hot devotion that often makes you seem jealous, you also have deep reservoirs of sympathy for others, particularly those who are in trouble. In fact, you often make it a point to take care of people who can’t speak for themselves, or even help themselves. You don’t shy away from handing out money to homeless people, or helping out in soup kitchens, since you know there’s a human story behind everyone who takes a downward slide in life, even when that story is driven by the person’s own weakness. You have enormous self-control, and you know better than to show your emotions in public, since you never want to give those you interact with, even close friends, an edge over you. “Personal” and “power” are perhaps the two keywords that fit you best, as you instinctively know that you will be able to battle through life much more successfully if you operate from a position of strength, rather than of weakness.