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Keywords: Sensitive, analytical, discerning, high ideals, health-conscious

Symbol: The Maiden

Born Under This Sign:

Gene Kelly August 23, 1912
Blake Lively August 25, 1987
Michael Jackson August 29, 1958
Warren Buffett August 30, 1930
Cameron Diaz August 30, 1972
Beyoncé September 4, 1981
Leo Tolstoy September 9, 1828
Agatha Christie September 15, 1890
Prince Harry September 15, 1984
Lauren Bacall September 16, 1924
Greta Garbo September 18, 1905
Stephen King September 21, 1947

Even though you can be sensitive and demanding at times, it’s also a fact that you have a very deeply layered personality, thanks to your sign’s Mutable quality and Earth element. You have a very analytical mind and you are able to solve puzzles rather easily; and you are fond of nature, taking long walks, and expressing your physical passion with your lover. On that last score, despite the fact that the “virgin” is your symbol, these things should not be taken literally. You are not, in other words, a prude in the bedroom. However, you can be terribly selective when it comes to choosing a love partner, since you insist on being with someone who meets your high standards in your relationships. This just goes along with the fact that you have high standards in every aspect of your life, including your clothes, food, and the way you manage your household. Speaking of food, you are very keen on health and fitness and you take an interest in eating right, getting the proper amount of sleep, and taking care of yourself in general. Even though your strong sense of perfection often makes you very critical, you apply this to yourself as well as others. In fact, once you turn your discerning eye on yourself, you may begin to suffer from self-doubt, feeling that you can never achieve the high ideals you embrace. You need to learn to temper that feeling with the knowledge that just striving for those high ideals makes you the best person you possibly can be.